Unidentified Artists

America and Trent – see here.
oil on canvas
13 x 17″, 24 x 28″ with frame
price on request

whizWorking girls on the corner of 17th and South Van Ness. Whiz Burgers in the background, a venerable San Francisco spoon. I see a Gremlin or Pacer on the right, pretty sure it is of 70’s vintage. 24 x 30″. Original frame, new linen mat. A friend said that they saw this still unrecognized signature in American Art Review. Looks like juva. One of my absolute favorites. Incredibly painted. sold


nudenude oil on canvas 26 x 17″ possibly european, lovely $475


Brilliant and very large late 19th century northern California coastal painting. approx. 36 x 54″ plus frame. Incredibly well done. sold



usnThis is a really interesting painting of some Pacific Atoll from World War II. There was another painting underneath with a polar bear on an iceberg that I still have. It is signed Richard Si****, 1944 United States Naval Reserve. I sent a picture to the Naval Historical Archives but they couldn’t make the sig.  15 x 19″ framed in a stark white original frame sold