Allan Adler mineral sculpture with silver bee

adler aa2


Out of all of the professional relationships I have formed as an art and antique dealer, my relationship with Allan Adler was definitely the warmest and most wonderful. He called me kid, loved to tell me stories. What an amazing man. I sure miss him greatly.

Allan loved to venture over to the Tucson Gem Show every year with his family to buy gems and minerals. He made quite a few one of a kind creations with the booty. This is one of them, that he either gave me or sold me, forgive me it has been so long. A  silver bee, which I have left in its original patina, sitting on a mineral that might be either smithsonite or calcite.

It is mounted on a block of what I believe is ebony. Signed on the back with a silver plug. Measures 4 x 3 x 2.” p.o.r.