Fred Hocks

Fred Hocks


Fred Hocks (1886-1981) oil on paper  18 x 24, framed $1800


Birth place: Aachen, Germany

Death place: San Diego, CA

Addresses: San Diego, CA

Profession: Painter, printmaker

Studied: Mark Hopkins Art Inst. with Arthur Mathews; ASL; Art Inst., Los Angeles, with J. Francis Smith

Exhibited: Berkeley Lg. FA, 1924 (wood block prints); San Diego FA Gal., 1938 (solo), 1942 (solo); GGE, 1939; Calif. State Fair, San Diego, 1948 (second prize); San Diego Mus. Art, 1976 (retrospective)

Member: Coronado AA

Comments: Immigrated to San Francisco at age 16. WPA artist. Teaching: San Diego County (1924); Los Angeles Art Inst. summer school; San Diego Sch. Arts & Crafts; Coronado Sch. FA.

Sources: Hughes, Artists of California, 260.