Sheldon Kirby

Sheldon Kirby (1924-1990)
untitled abstract
oil on paper 14 x 17″ image
original frame

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Exhibited Arts of Southern California II Painting, Long Beach Museum, 1958, per OMG. Contributing artist to the Islanders Art Gallery, Newport Beach, LAT, November 20, 1960, page OC 18; Sheldon Kirby of the Art Center, La Jolla, is one of 11 MFA grads of Scripps College in an exhibited at Lang Art Gallery, LAT, April 19, 1962, page C 2; exhibited in Recent Acquisitions, Art Center, La Jolla, LAT, October 6, 1963, page B 27; one of the judges at the fourth annual California Paintings and Sculpture, Art Center, La Jolla, LAT, October 13, 1963, page B 29; OMS Sander Gallery, La Jolla, LAT, June 7, 1964, page V 12; and other refs. on historic LAT (ProQuest)