Hot summer fun – Eye to Eye

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Life is good. Hot, but good. Have been busy at work, with a ton of great new inventory and also very busy enjoying life writing, eating, taking pictures, doing what I do.

I just came back from a great vacation in Utah. Soon I will be packing up the van for my annual pilgrimage to New Mexico. The Blue Heron Gallery will be exhibiting at the Great Southwestern Antique Show in Albuquerque, August 5-7 and the Whitehawk Ethnographic Show in Santa Fe August 12-15, 2016.

I have been doing both shows for a very long time and they are both first class and worth a stop if you enjoy southwest and ethnographic antiquities, as well as a whole lot of other cool stuff. In addition there is another fine show in Santa Fe, John and Kim’s Objects of Art Santa Fe from the 11th to the 14th. ¬†No reason not to see them all.

A client gave me this lovely book to sell for him last night. A Graham Nash photography monograph, with a personalized signature and cartoon from the noted musician and photographer.

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The frontispiece says “Buy me…and change someone’s life.” If you have a Crosby Stills and Nash fan or better yet a Graham Nash fan in your life, here’s the perfect gift for them, replete with a custom self portrait. Excellent shape and unique item. $375

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