Palm Springs Modernism 2018

Rico Lebrun – 1947

The Palm Springs Modernism show is fast approaching. The Winter show will have an opening night gala on February 16 and run through the 19th, a Monday. The show is held at the beautiful Palm Springs Convention Center. You can find more information on the show here.

Madelaine Pereny – Mabel, oil on canvas

I have been getting some very interesting material for the show, including a beautiful mixed media drawing from 1947 by Rico Lebrun. This work on paper is in what appears to be its original frame, which measures 24 x 30″. A fabulous example of this pivotal artist’s work.

A wild surrealist canvas signed Ian.

Beatrice Levy – Through the old gate, 1916 Aquatint etching

Dorothy Stratton – Traffic face

Other new works include pieces by Mina Pulsifer, Beatrice Levy, Francis DeErdely, Dorothy Stratton King, Roy Eskridge, John Sloan, Irene Emker, Cornelis Botke, Leonard Edmondson, Madelaine Pereny, Roger Kuntz and Barney Reid.

Leonard Edmondson

Really too much to list.

Robert Eskridge

Barney Reid – Sunday, 1981

I will try to put pictures on the website by the end of next week. As you know, I have been doing modernism shows for well over two decades. I tend to bring a wider mix then most. Last year I even sold an indian basket. This year I will have a beautiful piece of Georg Jensen silver and a mammoth vase from Newcomb College. Hope that you can come see the show!





William Galen Doss (1873-1957) Desert Bloom

I have been putting material up for weeks and I have barely made a dent in the pile, not even close to doing objects yet. Eventually you will be able to see most of what I have in the gallery on line. Please look at the work that I have listed.

I wanted to let you know that I will be taking my wares out on the road soon. I have a show in the bay area at San Mateo, the venerable Hillsborough Antique Show, now in it’s five hundredth year and counting. Show starts on April 25, 2014 Find out more here. Del Mar, the Calendar Antique Show, promoted by the best promoter in the trade, Michael Grimes, starts the following week on the second of May. If there was ever a P.T. Barnum of the craft it is Michael, hopefully well rested from his physical travails, the man gets the bodies into the hall.

Finally, the Calm Show at Earl Warren fairgrounds in Santa Barbara, always a fun one, this time smacked right dab into my twentieth anniversary. This show takes place starting on the 16th of May. Always a great place to visit, a nice warm decorative show in the city that we all would reside in if we had the money.

Come by and visit me, kick the tires, laugh at my bad jokes, say hello.