And now it’s already June…

The gallery is doing fairly well, humming right along. I have had some very nice sales off of this nascent website and would like to thank all of my customers, without whom I could neither eat or pay my mortgage. Thank you. Now that I am no longer a world famous blogger, you see I have more time to pay attention to me business.

I am still loading things up on the site, just getting to certain categories. Jees, I have a lot of stuff. Please check out the silver and native american categories, which I have finally started listing and adding to. Next I start tackling decorative arts. If you notice I have also added a new stuff column that I hope that you have a chance to check out.

Last week I obtained these two fantastic matched Minton three tiered tile stands from Victorian era England.

minton tile standsThey are marked and show identical scenes, ducks and hunting (egads, I lost the non-hunters! Well, let’s just say a guy in a boat with his rifle in the air, perhaps he was trying to shoot the moon?)

These came out of a Fairbanks Ranch, Beverly Hills household. They stand fifteen inches square and thirty inches tall. I don’t think that they will be around all that long, but who really knows about these things?


minton2-2The tiles are individually marked Minton – Stoke upon Trent. Please call me and let me know if you need more information.



Big photo solo show next month that is scaring me somewhat.  Very neurotic about such things.


fillhouseThe gallery will be packing up and shipping out to New Mexico early august in my annual rite of passage. Hope to see all that can make it then for the Great Southwestern Antique Show in Albuquerque and the Santa Fe Show – Objects of Art show at the Museo in Santa Fe.


Somebody called about a painting today. Which has disappeared. Tore the place apart. Vanished. Found about 10 other cool things that I forgot I owned…

Stay cool and stay happy.

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